At some point in time in your life, whether in school or at work, you will find yourself in an environment where you have to do some public speaking. It can be a nerve-wracking ordeal, and it’s okay to be nervous. Below are some tips that will help you to deliver the best speeches in whatever platform you are given to speak.

Ignore the fear and prepare enough

It is normal to be anxious when you are about to talk in front of a group of people. Your stomach sinks, your hands start to sweat, your heart is pounding heavily, and suddenly your knees are weak. It’s normal. Do not in any way feel that you will not deliver just because of how nervous you are. It is good that you are nervous because then you will be alert. What is encouraged of individuals to do is to prepare enough. Ensure you’ve gone through your material enough times. Be comfortable with the material, and you will be alright.

Consider the audience

Even before you start preparing any material, ensure that you have understood your audience. Find out who your listeners will be so that you can tailor your material to suit them. The words that you use and the information that you have will largely depend on the kind of audience that you will have. Take your time before the speech to find out more about your listeners.

Bring out personality

Do not become a robot when you are doing public speaking. Personality goes a long way to ensure your speech is a success so bring that out. Your listeners are supposed to identify with you as a real person, not just a talking head. If you do this, then your audience will have more trust in what you are saying and in you as well.

Use of humor

If you planned to walk on stage and focus only on your speech without injecting any funny stories into it then you need to change it up. Don’t be boring. Find some funny stories that are related to what you are talking about. It will capture the audience, and it will help them understand you better. Everyone loves a good laugh.

Unless necessary, do not read

Maintaining a connection with the audience that is interpersonal means you should be able to maintain eye contact with them as well. Don’t just stand there and read from the script. Know your material and maintain eye contact.


Marriage is easy, but that is not necessarily the case. The good news, however, is that it is not as difficult as people make it seem to be. Marriage is something that can be a beautiful story when two people are a team who strive to be better for themselves and each other. Below are some tips for a happy marriage.

Change your approach

Most people get married with the hopes that somewhere along the line, they will be able to change their partner to this amazing person who they think he or she can be. This is the wrong approach. Do not try to change your partner. It would make much more sense if you were the one who tried to change the way you do things so that you get a different positive outcome. For example, you have a husband who has trouble organizing his things or having neat and clean clothes. Do not nag him to be clean. Show him how to be clean. It could all be so simple.


As with any meaningful relationship, communication is essential when it comes to marriage. Do not keep things to yourself and expect your partner to figure out when something is wrong. Learn to talk about things. If something needs to be said, say it. This ensures that the both of you fully understand each other and avoid repeating mistakes in future.

Accept them

You didn’t get married to a perfect person. There is no such thing as perfect. If you keep looking for perfection in your spouse, you will ruin the beautiful story that you have or would have had. Learn to accept them as they are. Sometimes your spouse is going to be grumpy. Don’t expect them to be happy all the time. Sometimes they wake up looking like a mess. Accept them for who they are. It is an elusive dream to chase perfection.

Focus on what matters

In a marriage, you are bound to have arguments; however, not every battle is worth fighting. Teach yourself to ignore the small meaningless arguments. You don’t need to argue about everything. Marriage is supposed to be a beautiful thing so let it be beautiful.


Learn to forgive your spouse for silly mistakes. Advancing in the marriage with a heavy heart that has bottle negativity for a while is just a recipe for disaster. If you get through the hard times, forgive and forget.

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