Month: December 2017

At UKOO our group of HR Experts believes that good workstations begin with decent folks, united to attain a common goal. Our staffing, human resource amenities, and offshore recruitment consultancy were fashioned to cultivate best practice HR resolutions within our consumer businesses’ and within all our communities.

Owing to the right HR assessments, we can foster productivity, secure amenability and assist you to build a culture of performance and liability in your organization.

First, we understand your firsthand HR Consulting requirements and long-term plan, and then we surpass your expectations. We provide recruitment and offshore recruitment services, along with custom-made HR solutions for instance redundancy and outplacement support. Our HR Experts are found Australia wide. We have offices in Brisbane, Gold Coast & Toowoomba.

Professional advice

We are competent HR services provider, with knowledge in handling almost every problematic condition you can envisage in regards to staff organization. At our first HR consultation amenities, we ask all the vital queries to advice on the right action to take.

Formal workstation investigation

We have skilled workplace agents in our group, and some cases will counsel that you assume an entire workplace analysis to establish the significance of all questionable concerns. We evaluate every action taken to the present time and frame a strategy to tackle the trials moving forward.

Dismissing a staff member

We realize you might be at a point where you prefer to swap a group member; nonetheless, maybe you’re unsure of the legal processes for going about it. We can counsel on the appropriate action, to guarantee you do not leave anything open to recourse.

Exclusive staff challenges

Irrespective of the kind of task, UKOO can assist you to handle the problems facing your group. Contact us to deliberate your requirements and recover so you can concentrate on moving forward!

Outsourcing your HR necessities

Our HR solutions are just a phone call away!

We can assist your organization with the procedure of staff dismissals. Our emphasis in this capacity is to offer you with the guidance you require from a regulatory and legislative perspective to guarantee the process is managed as delicately and efficiently with negligible interruption to the business.

The importance of this method is that it assists your organization to evade prejudiced dismissal alleges and eliminates your vulnerability to procedures that can regularly influence firms that are not acquainted with the processes entailed in making an employee redundant.

A summary of our services

  • Are you looking for an expert to manage your HR? we are at your disposal.
  • Do you require HR support devoid of incurring the expenditure of a permanent professional? We’re here for you.
  • Are you in need of a companion who can offer you tactical direction and advice?
  • With HR Amenity Contract you get access to any of our qualified and experienced HR Specialists on a consistent, part-time basis, from 1 to 10 days each month. What’s more, we’ll visit your site and work in conjunction with you just like any other employee would.
  • As your HR Administrator, we work in conjunction with you to ascertain your HR objectives and goals and take the required steps to attain these. From tactical HR advice all the way through to document review, HR Amenity Contract offers dependable, consistent and useful services that can be trusted.