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When going for a hike or any outdoor event, one of the most important things to have with you is a survival knife. This is not just any other knife; it is a knife with specific features that make it suitable for outdoor environments than those you find in your kitchen. Therefore, you need some tips to pick a good survival knife because any adventure comes with its fair share of unique surprises and demands. Let us look at how a survival knife can be helpful to you.

Chopping Firewood

survival knife at work

When going on an adventure, you would probably not be able to carry an ax you. Instead, a survival  knife can help you chop firewood to build a bonfire to keep you warm. You do not necessarily need to chop down a huge tree to put up some fire. A few branches, which can be comfortably cut using a survival knife will always get the job done.

Making a Camping Site

Another way a survival knife can help you while on an adventure is when preparing the camping ground. This requires you to clear the ground before putting up the tent. Having a good knife goes a long way in helping you get the job done. It comes in handy especially when you need to remove some shrubs or bushes to create additional space.


A survival knife also doubles up as a shovel. This implies that you can also use it for digging. Using your hands or some sticks to dig is also cumbersome. If you have to dig, a knife would be of great help. When it comes to digging, standard models tend to get dull over time thus, it is important to buy a quality unit that will not get damaged or dull by digging.

First Aid

survival knife

A survival kit is often needed in the case of an accident. There are all sorts of perils in the outdoor environment. A survival knife can be of great help when it comes to removing splinters. In case of a fall or serious graze, you can use the knife to rip of some clothing to create a makeshift bandage.

There many other ways a survival knife can prove helpful while out there. It could also be used for hunting, cooking, or even for self-defense. To enjoy these benefits, it is imperative to buy a quality unit that will serve you right.